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Meet Edgar Wintercave, A.K.A. Gizmo. He's a computer mouse. Not the kind you point-and-click, although he has been known to point and click with a confident wink while walking by a pretty girl. During an undercover op working for the evil corporate thug Felix Fête Quatre of Fat Cat Industries Inc., he managed to get himself trapped in a series of secret subterranean data storage chambers patrolled by Fat Cat's loyal and mysterious henchmen, the Kitties In Black.

Get the data. Then get the hack out. If the KIB see you, do what everyone does: Run!

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Alright, I'm at level 9 now, and I felt there was someone off about it so far.

I have however come to the conclusion that the level design, and learning curve is fine, if maybe a little bit slow-paced, but that being said, that's going to be subjective, and I think it's fine, no one can say it doesn't force you to learn some advanced techniques early on.

What bugs me is the time you spend just.....walking.

I wouldn't want you to make the mazes smaller just for that, as it would compromise the navigation needed to figure out where you need to go.

All I can think of, is that everything, or at least the mouse and cats, could go faster, since if your mouse could run faster, the cats must be given more speedy caffeine to compensate/balance that out. That would cut down on the waiting, and how arbitrilly punishing it feels to lose progress when you have to start from a checkpoint....only to be walking for a full minute...again.

Maybe if there was an adjustable speed slider, it would help cater to everyone.

That's about the only "beta testing" thing I could say, otherwise, everything else feels fun, solid, and engaging, thus far, and it's only getting better as I play.

Edit: After posting my comment, the game had to reload, and I lost my progress, crap. Password system, please?!

Also, I wanted to take a break from it anyway, and I find the lack of a total mute button....disturbing.

Hey, awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Not exactly sure what you meant by something being off. Hope nothing major. Yeah, I agree the learning curve may be a bit slow but I was constantly afraid of jumping to the hard stuff too soon and thought better safe than sorry. But boring loses players too, so it's six or one-half dozen, right? The timing. Unfortunately it would require a redesign of the entire game since many aspects of timing are based on the current speed of the player. Not just the timed gates but all gate movement as well as switch return is based on timing. Sorry about you losing progress. It should have saved your last game. I do have checkpoints in some of the later levels. I had more throughout the game originally but took a bunch out. Thought it was too easy with them in. BTW, did you find the MUSIC control? It's not the same as mute but you can switch to ambient noise instead of the music. Anyway, thanks again for the input.

The only thing that felt off was just how slow it was to get aroubnd in the early levels, then I got better with the controls.

I did find the music control, thank you, but it's just that......when it's muted, the ambient sound is there too, and I wanted to tab out for a bit, so total mute needs to be an option.

It's too bad about the design of speed, I was concerned it was going to be that way, so I was a little bit hesitant to mention it....but.....it's the only thing that kept me from fully enjoying it, and it's not even totally a problem once you get to the later levels. The early levels are the proper difficultly, they just feel like a chore to go through. XP

I haven't tried starting it up again, as i assumed it would just restart everything, but hey, if it saves my progress, then I should be fine, I'll get back to it sometime then! I do admit, I wouldn't want to have to go through those levels again, as it would be such a chore to get to the good stuff. I'm really not sure what to say about those early levels either, no simple solution exists (since the speed thing is straight out.), just a lot of tweaking? idk......wish I could help you there more though.